Hello Alumni

The June 12 meeting promuses to be a night to remember... so mark your calendars and be sure to attend!

Mayor Togliatti will be honored with the Diploma Of Distinction in a special ceremony...and his remarks are sure to be noteworthy.

At the meeting, we will have much to discuss regarding our annual Breakfast in the Park. We have a new caterer for our egg and sausage breakfast...and the basket raffle will be better than ever. Kelly Hatfield and Wendy Manfredi have some terrific theme baskets planned as detailed on last week's email...and they will greatly appreciate your donation of wine, lottery tickets, Cleveland sports items...or anything amazing you can come up with.

Please bring your basket donations to the June 12 meeting...along with your checkbook so you can buy your Breakfast in the Park tickets before they are sold out!

Looking forward to seeing you there...

Your IHS Alumni Officers

Memory Bricks (A Good Item)

Picture of Building

The Independence High School Class of 1926 was the first to graduate out of the building. Whatever name used, "Independence School," "Old High School," "Middle School," "Old Middle School," or "The Brecksville Road Building," forty-years of different names with over 1,100 graduating seniors, it is now a part of Independence history having been demolished in April. Bricks from the iconic building are available for purchase through the Alumni Association for $10 each. The Alumni Association will be selling the bricks at Alumni meetings, Homedays, Football Game Alumni Night and the City of Independence Fall Fest. It goes without saying, these bricks make a great keep sake and fine gift!

The area is going to be re-worked into a public park named Heritage Park. The park is intended to be a tie-in between the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Tow Path Trail and the Hemlock Trail. The Tow Path Trail will eventually allow users to travel from downtown Independence to downtown Cleveland! Tentative completion is 2020.

Upcoming Class Reunions

Class of 1967
August 4th-5th-6th, 2017 --- Home Days Weekend!
50th Class Reunion
Contact Kathy Baumann, Kathrine@kbaumann.com
Contact Bob Becjek, r2bejcek@sbcglobal.net

Class of 1972
Home Days Weekend
(Submitted by Tim McNamara)

Class of 1975
August 5th, 2017 -- Home Days Weekend!
60th Birthdays and 42nd Class Reunion
Contact Nancy Krause, nakc2@aol.com or
Contact Ron Shadrach, rjshadrach@sbcglobal.net

Class of 77 Reunion
August 5, 2017 -- Home Days Weekend!
40th Class Reunion
Contact Danielle Boberek, danielleboberek@gmail.com

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